Welcome to the home of COPPER ART by Olga Pankova.

Flame painting is a type of copper art craftsmanship that radiates with vivid colors made from flame/fire.

Copper is one of the oldest metals known to civilization and Fire is even older ! As an artist Olga continues to search for ways of incorporating natures inherent beauty into my art. She has fused the energy of fire with the soul of pure copper. The transformation of the colors in the copper is representative of the energy levels of the flame.

The fire’s spirit is united with the soul of pure copper.  The copper’s transformation is ethereal.

Each piece is a ONE-OF-A-KIND, never to be created again unique energy entity, such as ourselves.

Olga uses her artistic skills in painting brilliant colors with a torch onto a canvas of copper.

These unique Fire Painted Copper Art pieces are EXCLUSIVELY sold at the
AGA KHAN MUSEUM in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Contact Olga, for the commissioning of new pieces!

Olga Pankova